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How do I place an order?Updated 2 months ago

You can easily place an order on 

1. Start by navigating to a product. You can either do this via our front page, our top bar menu, or via "seach" in the top right corner. 

2.  Choose the colour and your size. If a size is marked with a cross the size is unfortunatly sold out.

3. press "add to basket". 

4. Here you mark "Your have to accept our Terms and conditions before you can continue" and then press "checkout"

5. You fill in your email adress, Country, First Name, Last Name, Company (optional), Adress, Postal Code, City and telephone number. Now press "fortsett til frakt". 

6. Choose a freight option and press "fortsett til betaling"

7. Choose which payment method you would like to use. Either Klarna or Credit Card. Press "Fulfør bestilling".

8. A pop-up will open and you can complete the payment. 

9. A confirmation page will now open, and you have succesfully placed an order. 

Read more about placing an order here

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